Halong Bay Hera Cruise

  • Standard: Luxury
  • Departure: Everyday  
  • Program: 2days tour 
  • Capacity:22 Passenger (max)
  • Checkin/Checkout: 12:30 am - 11:30 am at Tuan Chau - Halong Bay

Cruise Overview

About Cruise: Named after a Greek Goddess of Marriage and also a Queen of Olympus, Hera Cruise is the finest 6-star boutique liner marrying the celestial qualities of the goddess with energies from five elements. Strives to offer unforgettable travel experiences in Halong Bay, Hera Cruise focuses on attentive services, qualified excursions, and world-class amenities.
The cruise features 11 spacious cabins, each has a unique name and different story, offering the utmost intimacy and exclusive conveniences. The room size is ranging from 28 to 55 square meters, some have glass window allowing full view of the gorgeous bay.
Top-class amenities are well-appointed in room: air-conditioning, mini bar and safe, espresso machine with capsules, king beds with imported premium 100% cotton line, etc. Advanced services such as spa, butler service on Concierge (upper level), and personal chef on Concierge are offered on board to ensure the maximum comfort of passengers.

Destination map:

Room & Facility of Cruise: click to see larger

Important Note:

  2. Trip cancellation due to bad weather in Halong Bay:
  3. The cancellation decision is made by Management Board of Halong Bay on the day of the trip in case of bad weather conditions. In such case, we will make alternative travel arrangement for you on request or offer refund in accordance with the cruise policy (Read more about cancellation due to bad weather).
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