Halong Bay Starlight Cruise

  • Standard: Luxury
  • Departure: Everyday  
  • Program: 2days tour & 3days tour
  • Capacity: 64 Passenger (max)
  • Checkin/Checkout: 12:00 am - 10:30 am at Hon Gai Harbor

Cruise Overview

About Cruise: Starting to sail at Halong Bay from April 2013, Starlight Cruise was among the newer group of cruises operating at this bay, and soon become one of the most luxurious ones. With 4 decks and an area of 600m2 per deck, the cruise provides 32 cabins, including 30 deluxe cabins and 2 superior Suites, with cozy space and modern amenities to passengers to enjoy their trips in most satisfied and convenient ways. In addition to the accommodation are various excellent extra services, including: Restaurants & Bars serving fine cuisines and drinks, 01 Wine Cellar stocked with various international wines, Massage Parlour, Recreation area, and a vast Sundeck.
Operated by the dedicated team of Oriental Sails and Calypso Cruiser, Starlight makes a further step by promising a much more luxurious stay and tour out on Halong Bay. Starlight cruise currently offers both 2 day 1 night and 3 day 2 night tour in Halong Bay.

Destination map:

Room & Facility of Cruise: click to see larger

Important Note:

  2. Trip cancellation due to bad weather in Halong Bay:
  3. The cancellation decision is made by Management Board of Halong Bay on the day of the trip in case of bad weather conditions. In such case, we will make alternative travel arrangement for you on request or offer refund in accordance with the cruise policy (Read more about cancellation due to bad weather).
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