Halong Bay Bhaya Cruises

  • Standard: Luxury
  • Departure: Everyday  
  • Program: 2days tour & 3days tour
  • Capacity: 40 Passenger (max)
  • Checkin/Checkout: 12:00 am - 10:30 am at Tuan Chau Harbor

Cruise Overview

About Cruise: Bhaya Cruise is one of the most successful cruise lines in Vietnam, offering daily luxury cruise trip to Halong Bay. The cruise's elegant design, combined with its professional staff and highly-appraised cruise program have contributed to its today popularity.
Started sailing in 2007, Bhaya Cruise is among the first few luxury cruises in Halong Bay. It has since then charmed tens of thousands of travelers from all over the world and set a high standard for high-end travel in Halong Bay and in Vietnam.
Each Bhaya Classic Cruise has between 15 and 20 cabins, ideal for either shared group or private charter. Cabins are placed into deluxe and terrace suite category, both of which are smartly designed and finely decorated. Travel with Bhaya and you will have the most memorable trip to Halong Bay possible.

Destination map:

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Important Note:

  2. Trip cancellation due to bad weather in Halong Bay:
  3. The cancellation decision is made by Management Board of Halong Bay on the day of the trip in case of bad weather conditions. In such case, we will make alternative travel arrangement for you on request or offer refund in accordance with the cruise policy (Read more about cancellation due to bad weather).
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