Halong Bay Aphrodite Cruise

  • Standard: Luxury
  • Departure: Everyday  
  • Program: 2days tour & 3days tour
  • Capacity: 34 Passenger (max)
  • Checkin/Checkout: 12:30 am - 11:30 am at Tuan Chau - Halong Bay

Cruise Overview

About Cruise: Aphrodite Cruise line consist of two ships, which were constructed in medium size with only 17 cabins per boat (equivalent to the capacity of 34 passengers). There are 2 main kinds of cabins on this boat, including Suite and Luxury cabin, but each type is also divided into sub-kinds, with Standard and Balcony for Luxury Cabins, or Standard and Terrace Suite cabin. First apparent feature of all cabins on Aphrodite cruises is elegant design, with warm-colored wood-paneled walls and precise interior which follow ancient Vietnamese theme. Each cabin is equipped with modern amenities on international standards, such as private bathroom, LCD TV, air-conditioner and a minibars, and other essential items which ensure high comfort and satisfaction for every guests staying on board. Once travelers get on the Aphrodite, they will never forget their trip with it. Like sailing to a charming bay with the Goddess of Beauty.

Destination map:

Room & Facility of Cruise: click to see larger

Important Note:

  2. Trip cancellation due to bad weather in Halong Bay:
  3. The cancellation decision is made by Management Board of Halong Bay on the day of the trip in case of bad weather conditions. In such case, we will make alternative travel arrangement for you on request or offer refund in accordance with the cruise policy (Read more about cancellation due to bad weather).
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