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Vietnamese people

Over thousands of years, rice agriculture, lifestyle and colony building and defending the country is full of hardships and makes Vietnam a culturally rich and personality characteristics of the people of Vietnam are hardworking, hard, rich in patriotism, solidarity, tolerance, openness, and easy integration.

Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 ethnic groups, including ethnic Kinh account for more than 85% of the population. Wet rice agriculture resettlement, irrigation requirements as well as security protection against predators and enemies were made aware of the Vietnamese homeland immensely stronger.

Patriotism is a feeling deep in the heart of the entire people of Vietnam. Through each war against the aggressor, the patriotism of the people of Vietnam have been increasingly strengthened. In most wars, the people of Vietnam are in the strong get weak reviews, get much less the enemy, and in this condition, patriotism is always a decisive factor in creating extraordinary power of the nation.

Patriotism has become the highest ethical norms and standards as well as the highest value of Vietnam's people. Patriotism of Vietnam as an indication that all social behavior, but never make a hostile nation and no nation of narrow ideology, that best determined by point against aggressor but always kept friendly relations of solidarity with people of other countries.

Wet rice civilization also makes sense of community - an important character in the psychological sense and Vietnam. The Vietnamese community not only on blood (family community) but also the community surrounding residential villages, professional community, the community by age. The community relations said to exist on the same time, does not contradict but complement each other, with a place based in the life of each individual nhann, each Vietnamese family.

It can be said, the community is the fulcrum of the Vietnamese people in their daily lives, in peace as in war. However, in some cases, lack of harmony in the relationship between small communities to large communities may arise locally, in local society as well as in administrative management.

Not only a sense of community, Vietnam has the sense of "self", respect talent and personal character. In Vietnam a modern society, the role of each individual is increasingly confirmed.

Religious beliefs, the people of Vietnam is clearly shown through the integration of multi-god religion (except Catholics). First of all Vietnamese people worship their ancestors had, from the mind of the previous generation thanks virtue. Vietnamese people also worship many gods, including the angels (the natural phenomena related to agriculture, the kitchen god, the soil) and the human spirit (the famous dead capital in the village and country) . Spirit of the Vietnamese but not in high remote "live" next to people and always helping people.

Vietnam who are not religious fanatics. The second class and religious beliefs, family, clan, village and country together in harmony, complementing one another. The characteristics of this mixture is a great show of religious inclusion and realism of the Vietnamese religious beliefs past and present. Inclusion in the acceptance of religious ideology and thinking also showed neutral, and flexible expansion of the Vietnamese.

Community spirit and deep influence of Chinese Confucian thinking to create neutral rules restricting competition, to help Vietnamese people always know how to combine the personal, social and natural to have behavior and harmonious balance.

Frequently faced with the challenges of nature, the Vietnamese have always wanted a stable life, nature and integrate into society. The people of Vietnam always ready to accept the challenge but do not want to create the challenge and adventure. Due to the limitations of historical conditions and social, psychological, average has become popular in the Vietnamese community.

Way of Vietnam is open, easy to accept the external factors are suitable for you. Vietnamese people love to learn and well respected academic. Overall, the model has god beliefs, but not fanatics and true fusion, also with inquisitive minds have made Vietnam's wide open, and easy to integrate with the outside world.

Over time, the good character on Vietnam's legacy will always be, singing promote, enhance and develop, in accordance with the laws of social development and the evolutionary trend of humanity. / .

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